Saturday, May 2, 2009

John Schneieder, star of Hidden Secrets and the upcoming Holyman Undercover, is set to star in yet another Christian film.  This one, entitled What Would Jesus Do?, a film based on the book In His Steps, aboput 4 people who vow to make every decision based on "What Whould Jesus Do?" 

The premise has potential for a alternately funny/sad film.  I imagine large parts of it will resemble Liar, Liar and The Yes Man, with great deal of groaning humor at the hapless people being forced to "turn the other cheek" and "love you neighbor" to a collection of oddballs.  Then, at the end, they will all learn an important lesson about the true meaning of Christmas.  Or something like that.  I might be good, but any movie that titles itself after a bracelet has a lot of work to do convining me.  (I know the phrase pre-dates the bracelet, but that's its most common apperance)

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