Thursday, December 6, 2007


Awesome... I just wrote up a post, and seconds before posting it, FireFox crashed. Thanks Blogger and it's autosave system, for not actually working.


Gener8xion Entertainment (the people who produced 'One Night with the King') have announced their latest feature film, Noelle. It stars Robert Redford circa 1967 as a CHURCH HITMAN, a priest who shuts down non-profitable churches. In this instance, he's shutting one down during the holidays, and naturally the locals are fighting back (judging by the gash on his cheek in the trailer, they are physically fighting back). Anyway, the trailer looks pretty decent! The music really adds something, and any film starring SNOW can't look bad. It hits theaters tomorrow, I'm guessing YMMV, so if anyone catches it, let us know what you think! The reviews provided by the site are fairly positive, but then again, even 'The Room' won best film at some podunk film festival.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Backstreets Back

Yeah, yeah, yeah... No posts in like... a month. I'm sorry. It's my fault almost as much as it's the fault of the US Government for blocking our site so that Jon can't update it. I've landed a new job and have been working crazy long hours. For me anyway. You kids might be used to 12 hour days, seven days a week, but us old folks can't hang.

Anyway, Jon gets back in about two weeks and I'm sure he'll be ready to publically shame me for my lack of posting.

So what's been going on? Christians hate 'The Golden Compass' (it started it though), MercyMe released a new record and it didn't go gangbusters like Casting Crowns did earlier this year (I think it debuted in the teen though), um..., Yeah. See? You didn't miss much.

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