Monday, April 7, 2008

Episode Twenty Six - Power Play

This week review Power Play, a film from director Rocky Lane, who you may remember from our previous podcast review of Homecoming.

This is also our fourth film from Michael O. Sajbel(anyone know how to pronouce his name?), making him our number one most reviewed Christian filmmaker, since he produced Homecoming, wrote Power Play, and directed The Ultimate Gift(our review) and One Night with the King(our review).


My golden calf this week is Dominionists for Tancredo, the most bizarre blog I've ever seen. I think it is a dead on, totally genius parody of crazy Christians. Either that or its really scary.

Halfway through, Jon was talking about 'Midnight Run'.

Note: We messed up the recording... So my voice (and nose whistle) are much louder than Jon's voice (and bodily functions). I think we figured it out for next time though. Only 26 episodes and we finally (maybe) got it! - Don

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