Friday, August 31, 2007

Another Ultimate reference!

Montgomery Brewster is a failed baseball player who inherits a fortune from his late uncle but there's a catch to it all. He must spend 30 million dollars within 30 days in order to receive 300 million..oh, wait a second. That's Brewster's Millions, this is The Ultimate Gift. Jason Stevens is a spoiled rich kid who inherits...something....from his late grandfather, but there's a catch. He must go through several other "gifts," life lessons designed to make him a better person, before he finally gets The Ultimate Gift. Starring Drew Fuller(Charmed) as Jason, with Abigail Breslin(Little Miss Sunshine), Brian Deheney(First Blood, Tommy Boy) and Bill Cobbs(A Night at the Museum). Special Apperance by James Garner(Maverick, Rockford Files). And lets not forget D. David Morin from The Time Changer(review) in a small role!

Ok, some notes for the show, if I can remember them all: *** The film's official website, and the product page that I mentioned. And let's not forget The Ultimate Gift store at Once Upon a Family, where you can buy a $99 scrapbook kit. ***

The album I mentioned as my golden calf of the week is A Fine Frenzy's "One Cell in the Sea". A Fine Frenzy - One Cell In the Sea

*** The post with information about The Ultimate Gift producer Rick Eldridge's problems with Fox Faith is here. If you liked The Ultimate Gift and want to get a jump on the sequel before they make it into a movie, you should read The Ultimate Life. *** Oh, and did you know that there are 9 versions of Brewster's Millions on film? Holy cow! The first one was filmed in 1914(!) by Cecil B. DeMille(!!!).

- Jon

*** Don's 'Golden Calf'... The Top 10 Most Incredible Recordings, as deemed by some guy on the internet. Though I was certainly incrediblised by them!

*** Intro: "Fight To Save Your Life" by EleventySeven from 'Galactic Conquest' Outro: "15" by Surrogate from 'Love is for the Rich'

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