Monday, August 13, 2007

The 20-Year-Old-Virgin

I just got back in town, so this opening post will be brief. I've got some cool stuff to link to, but I want to do it properly. For now, I'll say welcome to the official launch of the SuperCandid Blog, and I promise it will get better as it goes along.

The thing I wanted to draw you attention to this morning is a new movie being produced by, of all things, Maxim Magazine. The so-called "lad's" mag from the UK is producing a film entitled Virginity Rocks, about a popular girl at a college who takes an abstinence pledge and gets most of the other girls to go along with her. The local sex fraternity enlists the college stud to sleep with her and therefore prove how empty such pledges really are, so that the other girls will abandon their pledges as well.

I know, I know, this sounds awful, crass, and a bit like a rip-off of Animal House crossed with Cruel Intentions. But I also thought that The 40-Year-Old Virgin was going to be making a mockery of virginity, when in fact it turned out to be a thoughtful look at sexuality that placed a high value upon sex, instead of merely commodifying it. I'm sure that writer Melissa Carter(Little Black Book) is no Seth Rogen or Judd Apatow, but here's hoping that she brings something deeper than just another crass sex comedy.

Of course, I am forgetting that this is produced by Maxim Magazine, not exactly known for deep thinking.

(from Variety, via CT Movies)

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