Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I watched a snail crawl along a straight razor, and it was still alive.

Sorry for the super late post, but today was just insane. I found out yesterday that my wife's car's registration is expired, and we don't have a lot of free time during hours that we can get business stuff done, so we had to run around a lot during our little bit of free time before 5 PM. That, and having to work at 6 AM each day takes a bit of a tool on a night owl like me. So, the post today is the second in a row about The Interior. I've been watching the episodes while editing some of my own independent cinema stuff, and it's kind of growing on me. I've always liked serialized stuff when it's done well, and this one does a decent job of keeping the story moving in 4-7 minute segments. The only problem so far is that in 4 episodes, out of a planned 12, we haven't gotten too far character wise. Lots of standard "white people in the jungle" cliches, but not as much character development as I'd like. The Heart of Darkness(name dropped in the title song, natch) vibe is increasing as the series continues. Also, the Christian stuff gets really as the episodes continue. Surprisingly, episode 4 has a nice little dig on prosperity gospel Christians. Christanity Today Movies had a recent interview with series creator Geert Heetebrij. He has a few interesting things to say, some of which don't really make sense. For example, he says "I wouldn't label it as such because it might give the idea that this is a movie only for Christians, and it's not. It is a movie about Christians." This may be true in a sense, but the Christian content is pretty heavy, although it does keep from getting preachy by grounding the characters as completely human. He also describes it as "Little House on the Prairie meets Sin City." It does have a lot of Little House similarities, but so far the Sin City similarities have been limited too a brief trip through a gold mining camp and some topless natives(right out of National Geographic from the 1970s). As I finished this post I watched episodes 2-5(told you they were short), and episode 4 is actually pretty great. It has some really nice character moments that I mentioned earlier. I think I'll keep up with it, and it's short enough that if you have, literally, 6 minutes a week to spare, it'll be worth your time too. (interview from Christianity Today Movies) Save This Page Add to Technorati Favorites

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