Thursday, August 30, 2007

Somewhere, beyond the sun...

A while back we mentioned on the podcast a pastor from Florida who had written a screenplay about Darfur. We actually have an update on a previous story today!

Pastor Art Ayris' screenplay, Beyond the Sun, is being produced by Future Films(Bend it Like Beckham), Sixth Sense Productions(the fantastic Hotel Rwanda) and is set to be directed by Mennan Yapo(Premonition, the Sandra Bullock time-travel movie).

This isn't Aryis' first film. A few years back he wrote The Touch, which became a hit in the Middle East after it was translated.

It sounds like this movie is moving along pretty well. It has its own IMDB page, and Ayris has collaborated with author Ninie Hammon(God Said Yes) to novelize the screenplay.

Looks like First Baptist Church of Leesburg is giving Sherwood Baptist Church a run for their money in the competition to be the number one movie church.

Oh, and that image is from the comic book "The Beginning," produced by Ayris' production company Kingstone Media Group.

(Kingstone Media Group, via FilmStew)

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