Sunday, August 19, 2007

GODTube... because He's watching you.. watching Him. officially launched earlier this week... That's right, Christians have ripped off another secular market standard. This time though, they could be onto something. I generally don't mind Christian-takes of secular sites because they do offer a much cleaner online environment... Until that filthy comes in and sullies the place up! I'm not among the millions addicted to Youtube, but I can see myself coming to Godtube to research items for the podcast and whatnot... (Via, which launched just last week!)

Also, I've apparently officially matured. In the sense that I now replace the word 'stuff' with the word 'items' in all my blogposts. Here's to a droplet heart thinner and two BetaBlockers, taken daily with a full glass of water.


Whoa! Controversy strikes already!!! or rather, struck a while back... during the beta.
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