Thursday, August 16, 2007

Really, really, really big news: Alex and Stephen Kendrick have announced their next film project, Fireproof. 

Kendrick describes this as the story of a firefighter who realizes he must get his relationship right with God before he can get it right with his wife. 

Facing The Giants, the last film from the Kendrick brothers and Sherwood Baptist Church, was the first film we reviewed.  It was picked up by Sony Pictures for distribution and made quite a stir in the Christian film market.  Like their previous films, Fireproof will feature a cast primarily drawn from Sherwood Baptist Church members, a priority that Alex Kendrick describes as one of their first priorities. 

Personally, I'm excited by this film and hope that the Kendricks continue to produce engaging Christian cinema.  I'd only say that they should eliminate the cliches a bit for their next movie, since I'm already seeing visions of the firefighter having to make a dramatic rescue just as his wife arrives on the scene of the fire.  Please watch Ladder 49 and do everything the opposite. 

(story from One News Now via The Christian Post(who really need to link to their sources)

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