Friday, August 24, 2007

Does anyone remember a movie called Davie and Golimyr?  I remember about a year ago or so it was being advertised heavily in Century Theatres.  It seemed that every time I went to see a movie this would be one of those annoying things that plays before the previews start.  This was one of the few that actually caught my attention, with its innovative animation style and Biblically themed story. 

Well, I was thinking about this movie the other day so I looked it up.  Turns out it is now available on DVD for only $14.95.  A bit steep for a 46 minute movie, but how can you beat that style?  The film re-tells the story of David and Goliath with the basics kept the same but really cool and imaginative riffs, like a boat made of stone and some fantastic creatures.  It was produced by Lumenas Studios and Ageless Animation.  You can learn more on the official movie site, which probably won't be up too much longer since it's already buried in the studio's page with no links to it.  If it matters to you, the Dove Foundation gave Davie and Golimyr a 5 Dove rating, their highest. 

A couple of cool bits about the movie.  Lumenas Studios has a free download on their official website.  It is a bit misleading, since they say it is the full verison of the movie, but it is actually the first 12 minutes.  The link they sent me in the email didn't work, but I emailed them about it and they sent me a working link really fast. 

You can see a preview for their previous work , Jonah: A Great Fish Story, here.  This one seems to stick much closer to the Bible story.

I might have to buy that DVD, not only to watch the movie but to support a studio that is producing innovative stop-motion animation.  Their next effort is scheduled to be a feature length epic about Santa Clause.  Hopefully it will be better than Santa Clause: The Movie.

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Lumenas Animation Studios said...

We initially had an ipod download of the entire film, but then changed it to only the first 12 mins. or so about a month later. So, some initial visitors were lucky enough to get it in it's entirety to preview at ipod video quality. Apparently, the descriptive text never was changed to reflect what was being offered to download.