Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Touchdown, Jesus!

OneNewsNow is reporting that Sherwood Baptist Church has received its first royalty check of $855,000 as part of its money share from Facing the Giants(review here). The church is using $600,000 for church debt and the rest is going towards a sports complex. A sports complex, huh? Maybe they're going to film a sequel after all...

This is the kind of info you don't normally get, since most independent filmmakers who hit it big are pretty mum about the money side of things. Since Facing the Giants did go so big I hope this is just one of several royalty checks they receive.

Ok, so this post is really just an excuse to link to this new line of awesomely wierd action figures, Fishermen. As you can see, Touchdown Jesus(aka "I am Faith") is just one of the many strange Jesus action figures. I can't decide which is more bizarre, the Rodeo Jesus("I am Strength") or the gun-toting G.I. Jesus("I am Peace"). The Homeless Jesus("I am Hope") is actually pretty cool in a Matthew 25:35 kind of way. These are not to be confused with the other, more famous, Touchdown Jesus.

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