Monday, August 20, 2007

Ever hear of a movie called A Foreign Affair, released on DVD as 2 Brothers and A Bride? Neither had I. But apparently it got good reviews when it played at Sundance and limited release.

Now the writer, Geert Heetebrij, a graduate of Calivn College, is back with a Christian movie that is actually at the forefront of cinematic innovation. He has re-teamed with Helmut Schleppi, the director of A Foreign Affair to create a internet based series titled "The Interior."

The series is about a young couple that travel to South America(clearly 20th and 21st century missionaries answer to 19th century Africa) to be missionaries. Once they get there things are not all that they seem and they have trials of faith and other missionary adventures. The series is being released episodically on the internet, with a DVD of all the episodes edited into a 90 minute film forthcoming.

The casting was done via Youtube, where you can still go and watch a bunch of horrible casting call videos. They are casting now for season 2, so there seem to always be more.

I've watched the first episode, and it didn't really hold my interest that well. Pretty standard stuff, with a really low budget(although they did travel to Panama to shoot, ala End of the Spear [review]), with the expected bad acting that comes from finding actors on Youtube. But, the episodes are only 6-7 minutes long, so I may give the first few a shot to see if it goes anywhere. Once they have a full "season" out I'd like to review this on the show.

The official site has all the episodes, plus some "blogs" by the actors and producers. Unfortunatly, as is typical of movie website "blogs," most of the entires have just one post and none have more than a dozen.

At the very least its nice to see a Christian film at the forefront of cinematic innovation. Now, if only Justin and I can put together our Christian version of 300...

The trailer for "The Interior:"

(The INTERIOR: A unique new drama official site)

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