Tuesday, September 4, 2007

SuperCandid Classic: Episode #8 - Interview with Bill Ewing

A big first for the SuperCandid Podcast! We interview Bill Ewing!

Who is Bill Ewing? He's the President of Every Tribe Entertainment, the company that produced the wonderful End of the Spear(review). He is also the screeenwriter of End of the Spear, and served as one of the producers on the film. We were honored to interview him and talk a bit about End of the Spear, their forthcoming film Blink of an Eye, and about Christian filmmaking in general.

This was the 8th episode of the SuperCandid Podcast, and, in my opinion, one of our best.

If you are interested, Every Tribe Entertainment has recently started their "Tribe Online" community website. You can watch behind the scenes footage on End of the Spear(most of the same footage that is included on the promotional DVD Every Tribe graciously sent to the Podcast), and basically do all the same things that you can do on myspace, but here you can connect with people changing the world for Christ. You can check out the SuperCandid Podcast profile on the "Tribe Online". If you join, be sure to add us as a friend!

You can download this show from our archives if you subscribe through iTunes or another podcather, or download it directly by clicking here.

EDIT: Sorry about the double post. This client I'm using is a bit iffy at times.

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