Sunday, September 9, 2007



Our last episode was a first for the SuperCandid podcast... it was released in an MP4 format. On the upside, for our iTunes listeners anyway, is that we were able to embed chapter breaks, so you can skip around the podcast a bit and go right to the news, or just hear the review or whatever, as well as having changing images based on whatever we were talking about with relevant links. Cool right?

On the downside, bigcontact and imeem do not support MP4 format, so the episode was not available to stream anywhere. Although, I could have made a separate MP3 version for imeem use, I'm too lazy to do so. (though I will if someone specifically requests it) The biggest thing is with BigContact, ie. that little orange and gray box at the top of the page that streams all of our episodes. I can't post both to BigContact AND to iTunes with all the little add-ons.

So, I'm leaving it up to you guys... Would you rather have streaming abilities, or pictures and links and chapter breaks? We have enough bandwidth through Libsyn that I could probably post both versions of the episode, BUT then ANY subscribers will download both versions.

Word? Let me know if you care one way or the other by commenting on this post.


Episode sixteen is coming this Friday! Or sooner. Or maybe later. Apparently, Jon has a hectic week ahead of him, so we'll knock it out when we can.

And don't forget the contest! Just tell us your favorite movie of all time, and give us your email address. That's it! The odds of winning right now are FANTASTIC I should add.

- Don

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