Monday, September 10, 2007

A hand-accented movie poster for only $5,000!

Time for another update! Remember The Christmas Cottage? We first mentioned it ages ago in our show about Time Changer(review). To re-cap, it is a biopic about Thomas Kincade featuring Peter O'Toole as his mentor. Well, we have some more info, and a release date.

First, it stars Jared Padalecki(Gilmore Girls) as Thomas Kincade and also features Marcia Gay Harden as Kincade's mother and O'Toole is playing Glen Wessler. It is directed by Micahel Campus(producer, The Man who Broke 1,000 Chains, director, The Passover Plot). BoxOfficeProphets is reporting that it will be released on November 30th by Lionsgate. The film has an IMDB page now, which reveals that Chris Elliot and Ed Anser also have roles.

Some reviews are popping up in forums from test and preview screenings. The word is mostly positive, so it sounds like this movie might have some quality. Apparently the early cut even features a few swear words, although we'll have to see if the reviewer is talking about real swear words or a couple of "golly gosh darns."

I'm kind of up in the air about this film. I'm no fan of Thomas Kincade, but the cast sounds good. What strikes me the most is that this is supposedly the first of a trilogy about Kincade. I smell some merchandising oppourtunities!

This actually sounds a lot like The Ultimate Gift, in that it delivers what it promises and nothing more. Take that for what you will.

An interesting note is that Michael Campus, the director, hasn't directed a film since 1976's The Passover Plot. What is really interesting is that The Passover Plot is a film, based upon a book, about how Jesus faked His death and ressurection in order to establish Himself as a King on Earth. Very odd film resume for the director of a "Christian" Film.

POSTSCRIPT: A lot of blogs and websites are talking about how strange it is to base a film upon a painting. Those people are obviously cinnematically ignorant. Aside from classic examples like The Agony and the Ecstasy(about the Sistine Chapel), there are recent films such as Girl with a Pearl Earring(based upon a novel about the eponymous painting) and The Da Vinci Code. I just think it's a shame we can't have films based upon stuff like Goya's Colossus or Cole's The Course of Empire: Destruction. Those would be movies that I would get excited about!

If you're like me and don't care too much for Thomas Kincade, you might enjoy this parody of his work. There's tons of entries, but just some on the first few pages made me laugh. Warning, if you don't know, somethingawful has a tendancy to get a bit raunchy.

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