Monday, September 17, 2007

My World is a Flood

My world is a flood. That's what it felt like last week, what with work and all. But at least my house wasn't starting to float away, which is what literally happens in the movie we review this week.

That's right, God's own house floats away. In a storm. Kind of ironic, you might say. Take that, Jerry Falwell!

Anyway, this is Flood, a documentary by filmmaker Tom Swift. Tom is a former TV producer and a filmmaker so independant that he doesn't even have an IMDB page. The real news is that Tom is a fan of the SuperCandid podcast! Or at least he listened long enough to find our webpage and email us, asking us to review the film. Wish granted! For our next trick, we'll try to keep to our vow not to review any more documentaries for a while! This is about the third since we promised not to review any more.


Awaken Pictures homepage, where you can watch and buy Flood. You can also read about the sci-fi film Don mentions, called Illusions.

Tom Swift's blog, which I just checked out at Don's suggestion. It's a pretty good resource for filmmakers, but he doesn't update too often.

And you can read about the program to train home-schooled Christian filmmakers here at the Christian Post. I'm really not sure about this. It sounds like a good idea and all, and I'm all for more Christians being filmmakers(just to improve the odds for good Christian films), but this seems like it might result in a whole generation of Michael Landon Jr. types. I guess Love Comes Softly 5-20 will have a need for directors.

The intro music for this episode was Water of the Gods by The Changes from Today is Tonight.

The outro is Become Who You Are by Mainstay from Become Who You Are. Again, it's a free download on iTunes right now. If you're into that sort of thing.

You can download the podcast directly here, and as always, you can subscribe through iTunes, or whatever other program is your favorite podcatcher.

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1 comment:

Tom said...

My film was treated very fairly by the superdupercandid microscope critique of Flood. I believe they gave constructive criticism and gave a balanced view in their analysis of this project, which is greatly appreciated. If you guys at Supercandid continue to speak the truth in love especially in your analysis of faith-based cinema you will do well.
All the best,
Tom Swift