Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jesus died for MySpace in heaven.

Kerusso was recently named one of Inc Magazines top 5,000 fastest growing businesses. Check for the full article. Kerusso is a Christian fashion company that specializes in T-Shirts. More specifically, they make those Christian T-Shirts that look like the CocaCola Logo, or the American Idol logo or whatever but with Christian text substituted for the actual real logo. American Idol = Amazing Grace, CocaCola = Jesus Christ, etc. You can see some examples of 'their' work here.

Ugh... While its always nice to see a Christian company succeed, Kerusso's business plan is more than a little shady. These mammoth companies pour millions of dollars into product testing and research to develop the most appealing logo, the most recognizable image possible, and then Kerusso goes and rips it off. Clearly, the plan is working, but it just doesn't feel RIGHT, you know? I mean, the WWJD bracelets were pretty ugly, but at least it was something unique. (or did 'What Would Joan Jett Do? come first? hmmmm...)

What do you guys think? Would you wear an 'Abreadcrumb & Fish' t-shirt, to fit in with the Ambercrombie crowd and raise awareness for Christ? Should Kerusso be paying licensing fees and royalties to CocaCola Co.? What WOULD Jesus do?

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