Friday, April 18, 2008

Come What May Trailer, Clips and More

Advent Film Group's Come What May has, according to Christian Newswire, finished pickup shooting, which should mean that it'll come out soon.  The official site still says "Late Spring 2008," so they have about 2 months left to make that, unless they go for a House-type delay.  

The news piece, which is basically just a posting of an Advent Film Group press release, also talks a bit about AFG's work to create a film education that is an alternative to film school for homeschooled students.  As a film school student, and husband of a public school teacher, I have certain issues with the whole concept, but I have to give them credit that they are putting together a movie that should get a certain degree of exposure in the Christian market.    
Regardless, the new clip that's been post on the film's website has me a bit more excited in the movie.  Although the acting of the younger guy, who I think is the main character, is a bit weak, the older character is excellent.  It might be more the fact that he has a speech to say and the other guy just has to sit there saying "uh-huh," not much dialogue in this scene, but its good.  
I just hope that the film doesn't simplify the issue of abortion too much.  Sure, the moral arguments are pretty cut and dried for most people, one way or the other, but legally, and culturally,  the entire thing is such a mess that it can't be boiled down to "overturn Roe v. Wade."  Its a lot more complicated that that, and we have almost 35 years of legal decisions and laws post-Roe v. Wade that need to be considered as well.  The point, in my opinion, needs to be made that the only way to stop abortion is to make people stop wanting to have abortions.  Maybe educating people, maybe simply creating a culture that respects life, all life, more.  I don't think passing a law will really change anything.  It was illegal in most places prior to 1973, but the whole reason that the case came to the Supreme Court was that people wanted abortions.  Making it illegal won't stop that.
Murder has been illegal for thousands of years, and its still pretty popular among murderers.  
Sorry for the digression.  Enjoy the trailer and clip below:
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