Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Oath of the Desormeau

How do some films get distribution and others languish in obscurity? Luck? The Will of God?

The trailer looks great, and I'm interested enough that I'm going to buy a copy out of pocket for the podcast as soon as I get home today. This film won the audience award at the San Antonion Independant Christian Film Festival in 2006, and the "Most Dramatic" award from the WYSIWYG Film Festival, also in 2006.

The story, according to the film's website:
"Shortly before his death at the hands of Napoleon’s enemies, Alain Desormeau implores Arnaud Rousseau to protect his children, Julien and Helene. Rousseau agrees and, as a symbol of his promise, receives the ring of Desormeau’s late wife. Facing his own death years later, Rousseau gives the ring to Julien who in turn pledges to protect Rousseau’s family. However, Julien soon discovers his oath demands much more than he had thought as he is faced with the choice of saving himself or keeping his promise to defend those he loves."

The film's website also mentions a connection to Massacres of the South by Alexandre Dumas. I've not read that particular Dumas, but I think its about Huguenots, French Protestants from the 16th century.

ANY film that is inspired by Dumas gets my attention, particularly a Christian film set in Napoleonic France. The trailer reminds me of Jane Austin crossed with The Three Musketeers, which could be awesome!

Aletheia Stage & Film Co. Richie's Blog: Christian Street Cred

PS-Read that blog post if you get a chance. It is an interesting comment on the Christian Filmmaker's need to create great art in order to overcome prejudice by non-Christians. Good stuff!

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duckbill said...

did you check out the other videos on the blog site you posted? That "Whiteman College Recruiting Video" is pretty daring and hilarious...

Keep up the good work, boys.