Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Impostor

Coming soon, Christian movie The Impostor, a story about a government agent involved in finding an alien spy on Earth, only to realize that he might be the spy himself.  Starring Gary Sinise, Vincent D'Onofrio...wait a second.  That's not The Impostor.  That's Impostor.  Right. 

Well, it's about time they did a Christian re-make.  Hopefully the old Starship Troopers costumes they used in the original are still available.  
Wait.   It's not that kind of movie either.
This movie stars Kevin Max(of dcTalk) as a Christian rock singer who suffers some kind of breakdown and realizes that he, himself, is the impostor.  The movie's not done yet, and the editor just posted on the Christian Filmmaker Yahoo group that they're hoping to finish the editing this week and get the film done completely by June.    
You can watch the trailer below, and I hope that it lives up to the promise of not having one conversion/redemption experience and now everything is great:
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Anonymous said...

"and I hope that it lives up to the promise of not having one conversion/redemption experience and now everything is great"

After you see the movie, I'd like to see your thoughts about the above quote. Remember me. :)

--Dan Millican

duckbill said...

wow... director Dan Millican posted on your blog--you boys are BIG TIME now!!!! Congrats!

I liked the theme of the trailer...definitely a cut above most Xian movie trailers and it is clear the filmmakers really "get" it. I have to say I thought the acting looked a little cheesy (especially the scene where k-max is yelling and gesturing with his hands), although I thought the same thing about M.W.S.'s acting in "The Second Chance" trailer when it came out, although I didn't notice any acting problems in that film as a whole, so I think it was more of a context thing--could be the same here.

And cutting trailers is definitely an art form Christian films have not quite gotten "just right" yet, even for the ones that turn out to be great films. For instance, that final shot in the trailer where Kevin looks straight into the camera as he's hugging that girl? Extra, extra dose of CRREEEEEEEPPPY.

(Sorry, Dan, I just call 'em how I see 'em. I have no affiliation whatsoever with this website and I DO look forward to seeing the finished product.)

Anonymous said...

Hey Sean, well goooood... That last shot did exactly what I wanted it to do. I was going for creepy. Sounds like we nailed it. :)

As far as the acting, KMax really surprised me. The dude can act.


duckbill said...

YAY on the creepy! Awesome! :) OK, now I'm viewing it thru new eyes...
Can't wait to see it. It already looks like quite a genre-buster. And I'm all for that!
Pax, brutha...