Thursday, April 10, 2008


Christanity takes another of its the tremulous steps towards so-called Web 2.0.  A while back we wrote about Faith Visuals, and we also mentioned the ill-concieved(IMO) GodTube.  

Now we have another contender, this time a little site called iAmlifyFaith.  This company has been around for a little while, delievering Christian content in the form of downloads(both audio and video).  Unfortunatly, it all seems to be for purchase, with little or nothing for free, so I couldn't find anything to link to for you to watch or listen to.  

The article that brought this to my attention was a CBNews story about how the site is now hoping to partner with churches to bring sermons to its online store.  The site says that this is a futuristic way of doing business that cuts out expensive costs like CDs and DVDs.  

I agree that such a thing seems like a good way for Churches to make money, and I can see many churches that have a high revenue stream from sermon sales being interested.  However, I think that most of the people who buy sermons won't be canny to this new technology.  Moreover, I don't see why anyone should use a site like iAmplifyFaith instead of simply selling on iTunes, Amazon, or Myspace.  If you're cutting costs and embracing technology, why not go with the big dogs?  I do wonder what iAmplifyFaith's fees are?  Amazon charges 55% of the non-sale price, and both iTunes and Myspace take a cut as well, so maybe they're a better alternative for Churches in that direction?  

All in all though, I'm more in favor of free stuff on the internet, from Churches and otherwise.  Mars Hill Church has tons of free podcasts and such, although the Film & Theology podcast I loved so dearly fell by the wayside a long time ago.  

It should be noted as well, that iAmplifyFaith is part of a larger network called iAmplify, which also peddles gambling advice among its businesses.  

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Adrian said...

my church in nyc charges about $2.50 per MP3 sermon; from what i hear, people write in and complain a lot about that ("it should be free!"), but then they don't realize how expensive it is to a) have a church in manhattan, b) have church offices in manhattan, and c) put part of the proceeds of these sermons towards ministries in manhattan.
their online store isn't the best, but i agree they should make it available across a range of sites instead of one place. heck, even do at least a *few* free ones to show the great qualitiy.