Friday, April 11, 2008

The Art of Edward Knippers

The christian fine art world is too often narrowly viewed as simply Thomas Kincaid and his knock-offs.  As it happens, the inspiration of the Holy Spirit is still pretty good at inspriing artists.  

Since we love art here at SuperCandid, I thought I share a Christian artist I've come across.  Edward Knippers is a painter who creates these lovely, and often compelling, expressionsistic works depicting scenes from the Bible.  

Knippers says himself that:  "The human body is at the center of my artistic imagination because the body is an essential element in the Christian doctrines of Creation, Incarnation, and Resurrection.

Disembodiment is not an option for the Christian. Christ places His Body and His Blood at the heart of our faith in Him. Our faith comes to naught if the Incarnation was not accomplished in actual time and space – if God did not send His Son to us in a real body with real blood."

Powerful, even important words.  Words that many of us Christians would do well to remember.  

So take a moment a go look at Knippers' art.  But be warned.  He doesn't shy away from the human body; in fact, he emphasizes it.  Physicality is the key of his art.  This isn't the stuff you'll find in Sunday school.  This is mature art, in the best sense of the word.  

PS-I found this post because of an excellent article on Theology Forum by Sarah Lodwick.  Take a moment to read that as well; it might help you understand some of where I'm coming from when I demand more out of my Christian art.  

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