Monday, April 21, 2008

Treasure Blind

Here's a fun looking film that I heard about over on the Reelcast blog.  

It's called Treasure Blind, about a cab driver who discovers a map to Civil War gold.  The only problem is that the map is written in Braille.  Apparently too lazy to find a book on how to read Braille, he enlists the help of a blind child to search for the treasure.  I added the lazy part, but there might be a more reasonable explanation in the film.  

You can watch the trailer at the film's website, here.  The trailer is way to oblique about the film's story, featuring almost no dialogue from the film and lots of enigmatic title cards.  I'm not a fan of trailers that leave you confused, and the official synopsis on the site is even worse, making little or no sense.  I do think it is kind of a fun idea, since braille was originally invented as a military code.  

Still, the film looks like it could be lots of fun if done well.  I'm a sucker for these National Treasure type stories, but I insist that they be done in a fun way.  What good is a treasure hunting story that's dour and serious?  Or maybe its just difficult and needs a deft storyteller to pull off a serious treasure story.  Who knows?

All I know is that I want to see this film, although the $24 price tag is a bit steep.  We're trying to limit our spending on the podcast, as it doesn't pay very well.  Maybe I can talk don into splitting this with me.  

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Brian Shoop said...

I'd be glad to send you a complimentary copy if you'll send me an address. sorry to be confusing. it's our first movie. maybe we'll get better as time goes by.
Brian Shoop