Friday, July 13, 2007

Episode Eleven - Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music?

Why should the devil have all the good music? - Martin Luther Well said... five hundred years later and people are still down on Christian music. This week we watched 'Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music?' by Heather Whinna and Vickie Hunter. It's a documentary on Christian indie music and was filmed by two non-Christians. They ask fans and artists about hot topics like faith in art, art in a stereotypical stale genre, secular music, homosexuality, abortion, mainstream reception and crossover into the mainstream view. Jon's input: Probably the most independent Chrisitan movie we've reviewed on this show is 'Facing the Giants', from way back in episode one. But that Sony Pictures Home Entertainment release pales in comparison to this one, which got no theatrical release or major home video. Despite that, Why Should the Devil have all the Good Music? has received excellent reviews from the likes of Entertainment Weekly and Christianity Today. It is our first documentary film, exploring the world of independent Christian Music. With interviews and performances from Steve Taylor(director of The Second Chance), Pedro the Lion, Danielson Familie, (insert more bands here) this film by two first time, non-Christian directors challenges everything that you think you know about Christian pop music. I forgot to mention them on the show, but the disc has excellent bonus features. A director's commentary and several deleted scenes round out the disc. Not too shabby considering that the megacorporation that runs Fox Faith can't be bothered to even include the film's trailer. Also, enjoy this Chick track. Jack Chick, in case you've just returned from exile on the moons of Uranus, is famous for comic strips that extol the dangers of various "popular" things. Most famously, Chick wrote a strip that posited a direct link between Dungeons and Dragons gaming and Satanic Cult Worship, including human sacrifice. In this classic, Chick subtly critiques Christian musicians who are tempted by success over faith. Music, news and more... Notes: God I Hate 'Em! ie. the backmasked version of 'Burning Down the House' that I mentioned in the show. WSTDHATGM Website Axl Rose 'preaching' from the stage. (NSFW) Intro Music: Joy Electric - "The Ushering In of the Magical Era" from 'The Otherly Opus' Outro Music: Danielson Familie - "Did I Step On Your Trumpet?" from 'Ships'

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