Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Quick word...

Hey, Jon here from the great state of Louisana, where I'm duitfully doing my duty in the national guard. It's actually not so bad, considering that I was laid off from my day job at the end of June, so even being away from home beats being unemployed. I'll only be here for another week or so, but I'm enjoying it so far. I just listened to the latest episode of the SuperCandid Podcast and I have to say that I was impressed. Justin did a great job as a fill in for me, especially considering the size of the shoes he had to fill. Seriously, he was excellent and insightful. I have a few thoughts, but I left my notes in my hotel room so I'll save that for another post. I thought I'd just offer some Christian cinema updates for those who are interested: Farenheit: Council of the 12!-A new documentary about Mormons, that pseudo-Christian group that is trying to get into the White House(Jon's opinon only, -ed.), draws strong parallels between Mormon founder Joseph Smith and Presidental cannidate and Massacheutes Govenor Mitt Romney. The film, titled Mormon President, details Smith's own run for President in the 19th century. I'd never heard about Smith running for President, and Romney seems to be the Republican front runner, IMO, so this might be an interesting film. Lionsgate will distribute the as yet untitled documentary on religion from Borat director Larry Charles. The film, starring Bill Maher as the host and narrator, examines religion from the Vatican to trailer chruches in the American South. Sounds to me like Maher and Charles are doing a cross between Michael Moore and Sascha Cohen, but I love this quote from the director: "Nietzsche said God is dead, but he didn't see the grosses for 'Passion of the Christ,' " Charles said." Beyond the Sun-a tale of Darfur. Art Ayris, a pastor from Florida, has signed a deal with Future Films(Bend it like Beckham) and Sixth Sense Productions(Hotel Rwanda) to produce his screenplay about a farmer trying to resuce his daughter from slave traders. Sounds like a great premise. I'll have more info on this as it develops. Finally, Jesus, the movie produced by Campus Crusade for Christ, has been translated into its 1000th language. The producers say they are planning to translate it into at least 500 more. You can click this link to watch the film, for free, in North American English. It is a testament to the translation effort that there are 3 versions just in English, and you can watch it in any language you choose here. There are 800 versions online now, with more to come. You know, I saw Jesus a long time ago, and I still remember the film, for one important aspect. I think that Brian Deacon, who played Jesus, brought a humanity to Jesus that almost every other filmed version lacks. This Jesus laughs a lot, smiles a lot, enjoys being with people. I highly recommend the film. Save This Page Add to Technorati Favorites

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