Thursday, December 11, 2008

Finalists for San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival $100k prize

The finalists for the big prize at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival's have been announced, and some of them will be familiar to SuperCandid readers.

Feature film finalists are:
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed 
Pendragon, Sword of His Father 
Pilgrim's Progress: Journey to Heaven
The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry
The Sound of a Dirt Road
Throw a Few Things on the Ground
The Widow's Might 

My money's on Fireproof, the Titanic of Christian movies.  If Expelled wins, the SAICFF should be forced to shut down.

The semi-finalists have also been announced in other categories, including documentary(for which, thankfully, Expelled is not nominated), short films(including Dialtone ), and Young Filmmakers.

Hopefully Fireproof wins so that the Kendricks get an extra $101,000 for their next movie.  We want more action scenes!

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here's the results of the festival: