Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SuperCandid Contest: Tells us what movie we treated unfairly

For our 50th episode we are revisiting our review to Facing the Giants, the first film we ever reviewed and one that, in hindsight, seems much better than we gave it credit for at the time.  Our 52nd Episode will be another re-visiting another movie.  Which other movie is for you to decide, and you could win a copy of Facing the Giants on DVD!

The contest is simple.  Email us at supercandid at gmail dot com, or click the email link below, and let us know what movie you think we should look at again.  Maybe you thought we were too hard on Hangman's Curse.  Or gave The Nativity Story a bad rap.  Perhaps you really like The List.  This is your chance to tell us.  We'll re-review the movie that gets the most votes, and on Episode 52 we'll draw a winner from among all suggestions!  This is your chance to win!

Entries must be recieved by the premiere of our 51st Episode to be eligable. 

Email us at supercandid at gmail dot com

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1 comment:

Tiredofsteam said...

I vote for 'The Homecoming' or 'Powerplay'. I think we need to give those another look. *WINK WINK*