Sunday, April 5, 2009

Episode Forty Eight - The Climb

Here it is... another Billy Graham sponsored film. A title that has become somewhat of a benchmark of quality for Jon and I. If it's got the Billy G stamp, it can't be THAT bad. I forgot to mention a few things during this show: - Kyli Santiago (she plays Derriks girlfriend) is really cute. And should be in more movies than she is. - In an odd coincidence, we not only mention 'Different Strokes' during this episode, but Todd Bridges actually has a small part in this film! - We went the whole show without saying 'Zing!' (i think...) - Today is the 29th anniversary of Jons birth! Give him celebratory messages! Direct Download HERE. Here's the awesome cover for the new As Cities Burn album 'Hell or High Water', coming April 21st. (Bigger pic here) Email us at supercandid at gmail dot com

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