Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Spirit West Coast Video Contest

I don't know anything about Spirit West Coast.  Nothing.  

Apparently it is some sort of Christian music festival.  I recognized a band called Skillet.  

But, I'm interested because they are having a amateur video contest for videos to be played on their JumboTron during the festival.  Sounds like a fun opportunity to get some home-made short films seen.  I'd recommend films that don't rely upon sound to get their point across, since no one can ever understand anything broadcast over a PA system.

(news release at Christian Examiner)

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1 comment:

Ted said...

Spirit West Coast is a great way to experience multiple bands and genres in a short amount of time. I've been three times, and would love a chance to go again. I like SWC is reaching out in this way. In years past, my friends' bands would try out for their amateur spots they would feature throughout the festival. Wonderful exposure!