Monday, May 12, 2008

The Widow's Might

Just saw some new info on a film that is the very early stages of pre-production: The Widow's Might.

Don't know much about the story other than the obvious fact that it is based upon the famous story from Mark 12:41-43.
It sounds like they have quite a production planned, using one of the trendy new "RED" cameras.
On the filmmaker's blog they've posted a call for support for the film. Astuteness in Filmmaking points out that these filmmakers are using the vast resources of the internet to make their film a reality.
I applaud any independant filmmaker who eschews the Hollywood model to produce a film themselves, and I think the internet can be a powerful too, if used wisely, to leverage support from around the world.
At the moment my only reservation is the presence of the two men in the poster for The Widow's Might. I'm concerned that the film will forget about the "might" of the widow and provide a new husband to take care of the widow. Not that I anything against romance stories, but the Bible is full of wonderful stories of widow's that don't need a romance in their life to do great things for God(ie. the eponymous widow of Mark 12, Elijah's widow of Zaraphath), although there are a few who did find great glory for God in a new romance(Ruth of course, and David had a thing for creating widows and then marrying them-that would be an interesting concept for a film!). I mention this partly because a woman spoke in church today about how much the church and the Lord had helped her get through the murder of her husband. Of all the things that she mentioned, she never once mentioned God providing a new father for her children, or a new partner for her. The Bible mention's God special love for widow's many times, but not once can I recall it including a promise that widow's will be re-married.
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