Thursday, May 1, 2008

Erwin Brothers Motion Pictures

The Erwin Brothers, filmmakers behind such films as The Cross and The Towers, have a nice little profile about them from the Birmingham News.  

The profile doesn't go over any new movie news, but it does have a nice bit about how they built an independent film production company from the ground up.  

The Erwin Brothers have a diverse range of credits that include documentaries, short films, music videos and more.  You can check out their stuff on their official site.  

Their latest project is a series of short films based on Bible stories.  While this may sound an awful lot like Promenade's "Epic Stories of the Bible" series, these stories look like they will be much smaller and more personal in scope.  Also, judging from the footage from their pilot piece, The Widow and the Oil, they will be high quality films with thoughtful interpretations of the Bible.  I look forward to the whole series!

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