Saturday, June 21, 2008

Episode Twenty Nine - The Wager

This week we tackle the latest Randy Travis masterpiece 'The Wager'... Michael Steele (Travis) has it all, fame, fortune, but in a strange turn of events, his world comes crashing down on him. This is his story of loss, love and things unseen. Or something. We had a time deadline looming and a bizarre set of circumstances clouding the show. Also, Don had his mic on the wrong setting. Enjoy awkward pauses and poor audio! *** Here's the new Bon Voyage album cover Don mentioned. *** The intro and outro musics can be heard in their entirety on our muxtape. ***

*** Contest Win your very own (preowned/SC reviewed) copy of 'The Oath of the Desormeau'! Just leave a comment on this post naming your favorite Christian film. If you do not have a blogger account, you can comment anonymously, but make sure to leave your name. Also, it would help to leave your email address. We will randomly select an entry and announce the winner on our next episode. Apparently, Duckbill is really, really, really on the ball, and entered the contest before we even made a post about it. Nice job!
ps.  Sorry for the late post, but I didn't realize that Don was so on top of things. *** Direct Download Save This Page Add to Technorati Favorites

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Awakenpictures said...

Well... since nobody has entered the contest, we'll enter at Awaken Pictures. Jon should have our email address - if not you can find it at - We're trying to avoid posting the email on blogs to keep the spammers away.

We have a number of favorite Christian films in my family: Facing the Giants and The Climb are two that come off the top of my mind right now.