Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Ultimate Jesus Movie

This is a really unusual thing to link to, but I think a few of our readers might enjoy this, and I know I did, so here we go anyway.

You might have noticed that we haven't reviewed the most "obvious" Christian movies, the Left Behinds, the Thief in the Nights, the Omega Codes.  

I've always thought that they were too easy, since all those films are so low budget and the theology is too easy to pick apart.  

But, as I mentioned the other day, I love post-apocalyptic movies and stories, so I've always wished that we could get a really great Christian end-times movie.  

It isn't for those who take themselves too seriously, but if you like movies like Kevin Smith's Dogma then you'll probably like this.  It has lots of cussing, lots of sex references, but it also has the kind of discussion that I used to have with my friends in our youth group classes.  You know the discussion I'm talking about, the one that starts with, "wouldn't it be cool if Jesus came back and the Devil tried to shoot Him with a tank and Jesus just turned it into bees and the bees swarm the Devil's head..."

I laughed.  But I also wished that the film would be made.
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duckbill said...

so, is this where we post to enter the contest???? or is there somewhere on iTunes that I'm supposed to comment?

Also, I think "Preacher" is second in irreverence to "Warrior Nun Areala", which rocks so hard!

yep, i'm a john n don fanboy. so sue me.

:) thanks for the shout out.

sean in pdx

duckbill said...

oh yeah, thanx for the link to the view askew boys podcast... fun, fun stuff there.