Monday, June 9, 2008

The Master Plan

A new, independent, "Christian-oriented but not Christian film in the classic sense" has just completed production.  The Master Plan is a film about suburban evangelical youth in America, specifically Kristi, a high schooler with supernatural powers, mystic dreams and a fondness for existential detectives.  Sounds like the director, Aron Campisano, watched the I Heart Huckabees at some point.  Campisano is a first-time director, having previously run his own internet video company, worked for Disney Interactive & CNET, and is a grad of NYU film school.  

The story for this film sounds really interesting, and although the teaser, posted below, is rather cryptic and doesn't tell you anything about the film, it piqued my curiosity(especially the strange repetition of "76 light years" over and over at the end).  

Campisano also has an interesting answer to the question "Is this a Christian film?"  You should read his version, but I'll sum up:  It's about Christians, by a filmmaker who isn't a Christian but is interested in Christian belief.  

Watch the trailer and decide for yourself.  I'm looking forward to this film.  

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1 comment:

aron said...

I actually walked out of I Heart Huckabees! :]

- Aron