Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fireproof - First review!

A Fire-Proof SuitI've found the first review online for Fireproof!  

Of course faithful readers know about the new movie from the Kendrick Brothers, and while this might not technically be the first online review(the Internet is a big place after all), it is the first that I've seen.  

Mikel Wisler reviewed the film on his own blog,  based on a preview screening he was lucky enough to attend.  He has some good thoughts, and it sounds like an even handed review, although he does a lot of the typical "pretty good for a Christian movie" justifications.

Rest assured, dear reader, we will not make any such excuses.  I'm hugely excited to see Fireproof, but we will live up to the name of our show/blog and tell it to you straight.  I know that we've had these kind of justifications before, especially with a lot of the emotional romances(where we hate the entire genre so much we have to qualify any comment with, "for this type of film"), but this is the AAA level of Christian movies.  This is the movie that makes or breaks the Kendrick Brothers.  Flywheel was a low budget, under the radar success.  Facing the Giants exploded out of nowhere.  This is the one that everyone will see; that everyone has been looking forward to.  It won't be enough to be as good as Facing the Giants; this has to be better.

No pressure or anything.  

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