Thursday, July 3, 2008

Post-Rapture Email

Nothing movie related here, although it might make a cool premise for a Christian sci-fi story.  I mainly thought it was just fun.

There is a service available, for the low fee of $40 a year, that will send an email to your friends and relatives after you are taken up with the rapture.  Presumably this is for people who are very poor witnesses, or who just have lots of non-Christian friends.  The creator of the site mentions several reasons that this might be a good idea, including making the transfer of property more streamlined in a post-rapture world.  

Which leads to a couple of questions:  If the rapture occurred, and it truly was the END OF THE WORLD, then would questions of probate court really be a priority on anyone's mind?  Wouldn't this be the time that people take up their shotguns, get on their motorcycles and ride the wastelands?  Not a time to be concerned with powers of attorney and other legal nonsense?  
Moreover, the service works by automatically sending the emails if 3 of their 5 staff workers fail to log into their accounts for 6 days.  So, when this service goes out of business, as it almost inevitably will, will rapture emails go flooding out?

The only real point that I can see to this service would be sending mocking "I told you so" notes to your friends.  Except that the person who signs up for that sort of thing might not be taken up in the rapture anyway.   

(Wired Threat Level Blog)

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