Thursday, July 17, 2008

No Greater Love

No Greater Love, an independently produced Christian film, has been purchased for distribution by Carmel Entertainment Group, the original distributers of the runaway Christian hit, Facing the Giants.

No Greater Love(click for the film's homepage & trailer) is the story of a pair of High School sweethearts who marry, have a kid, then tragically separate.  Years later they find each other again, and it is a test of their faith, and a proof of God's grace, to see if they can over come their resentment and renew their marriage.  

The film is directed by written and directed by Brad Silverman, who says "We saw a need in the Christian market for products that would not only have the gospel message, but would also have the look and feel of a major studio production.”

Now, it may be because the film has a great trailer(and man, is it a great trailer), or maybe it is because I'm easily persuaded by Enya-style music, but this film seems to take a counter approach to many Christian stories that have fairly negative depictions on wives.  I'm looking forward to it, and I applaud anyone who wants to make a Christian movie with high production values, but hopefully the filmmakers remembered that the story and characters are the most important part.  

(Christian Film News)-How did I not find this site sooner?!

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