Tuesday, November 11, 2008

House has inauspicious opening weekend

House, the Christian horror film that has been quite literally a long time in coming to theaters, debuted at number 24 in the national box office this weekend, bringing in $329,836.

Granted, it was only playing at 374 theaters around the country, so what does that really say?

Well, the per theater average was $909, pretty awful.  To give you a comparison, one other movie earned $909 per theater over the weekend:  Appaloosa, the Ed Harrirs/Viggo Mortensen Western flop, which, to be fair, is in its 7th week in release.

Fireproof, the juggernaut of Christian films, earned over $1800 per theatre in its 7th week.  Even Religulous, the Bill Maher anit-religion comedy/documentary, earned over $1500 per theatre in this, its 6th week.  Even Save Me, playing in a grand total of 3 theaters in the entire country, earned $1300 per theatre.

I hope House is a good film, but I think that it is safe to say that the marketing for this movie was and is a total failure.

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