Monday, November 24, 2008

Trailer, gameplay footage & an excellent article on Guitar Praise: Solid Rock

If there is one thing that Don & I like as much as movies, it is obviously video games.  Despite my lack of any sort of musical skills, I even like Guitar Hero  & Rock Band,  mainly because they are the best way to experience video games with a group of people who don't necessairly play a lot of video games.

We were both interested in Guitar Praise: Solid Rock  when it was announced, and we both hoped that it would buck the trend of Christian video games being either awful or bizarre.  I felt that a good precedent had been established by Left Behind: Eternal Forces , because no matter what you think about its content a good amount of production value was put into that game.

The few reviews that have come out have been pretty positive , but I think that it would be pretty simple to make a knock-off of a popular game.  Especially when there is already an open source knock-off  who's code you can peruse at your leisure.

GameSetWatch has a fantastic opinion piece  about Guitar Praise: Solid Roc k, which puts it in perspective with other Christian video games (although they leave out Left Behind: Eternal Forces ),  and comes down with some strong thoughts about what it means to have "Christian" video games.  Much of what is said can also be applied to "Christian" movies, so it is a great read.

(GameSetWatch Opinion Article)

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1 comment:

Tiredofsteam said...

the best part is the name of the featured upgraded guitar 'Purple Majesty'.