Friday, November 21, 2008

David A.R. White's New Film about Vietnam & its Legacy

Christian Cinema had an article about the filming of David A.R. White's (Hidden Secrets ) new movie called To The Wall.  It co-stars Kevin Downes (Thr3e ) and is the story of two men who's fathers died in Vietnam.  Through a twist of fate they find out their father's were friends during the war and they take a cross-country trip to the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial to discover the secrets of their past.  

The movie also stars Candice Cameron Brue (The Wager ), Rebekah St. James and Stephen Baldwin.  

The plot is sounds reminiscent of the 1989 Norman Jewison film In Country , which starred Bruce Willis as a Vietnam Vet who takes a trip to the Wall with his niece to heal both his wounds and the wounds left by her father's death in Vietnam.  That movie was rather bad until they actually went to the wall, when it really transcended its source material and became quite moving.

For something as powerful iconographically as the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, I'm surprised there aren't more movies that feature it and the huge national emotions that it both represents and provokes.

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