Monday, October 29, 2007

Episode Nineteen - Evan Almighty

With Jon in the Middle East, we here at the SuperCandid Podcast were left to our own devices. As such, I recorded a show with Justin, then crashed my computer before saving it. So what you're getting here is myself and my wife sharing our vastly different opinions of Evan Almighty, the most expensive comedy ever made, and one of 2007's great box office flops.

'Evan Almighty' is the spiritual sequel to the Jim Carrey vehicle 'Bruce Almighty'. Both films were written by Steve Odenkirk and directed by Tom Shadyac. 'Evan' follows congressman Evan Baxter in his first few days in office, while at the same time being hassled by God to build a modern day Noah's Ark. He's got the big boat, the two of every animal, crazy bible beard, old robes, everyone thinking he's a nut, etc. Everything that made the original story a classic, with one glaring ommission... having a POINT AT ALL.

You didn't see it. You don't care. After seeing the film, I don't either.



'The Christmas Card' DVD that I mentioned has a page detailing the use of to send a card or note to a soldier overseas, serving our country.

Demon Hunter's 'Storm the Gates of Hell' IS COMING OUT NOV. 6th! In three editions at that... Limited w/ bonus songs and a DVD, Deluxe w/ bonus songs, DVD, postcard, extended liner notes, super big box, pendant, etc., and a vanilla version.


Check out that Outro! 'Back to Dust' by Sev Statik and DJ Dust... man... GREAT song.



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jonnyflash said...

So that really nice card you sent me was a DVD FREEBIE?! I don't know what to think.