Monday, October 15, 2007

Last post for a while

I'm leaving tomorrow to serve our great nation in our great national endeavor overseas. I don't know if I'll be able to update often or at all, but we'll see. I'll leave you with this article that Christianity Today has about Fox Faith. We've written previously about Fox Faith and some of the filmmaker's problems with the label. I've had a lot of problems with Fox Faith, particularly, as a film lover, with their awful DVD features. But cheap, poorly produced DVDs aside, they also have a string of uneven releases. Their biggest hits were One Night with the King and The Ultimate Gift, although neither made their budgets back in theaters. They've also had a string of (deserved) flops with The Last Sin Eater, Thr3e and Love's Abiding Joy(full disclosure, I haven't seen Love's Abiding Joy). So their two latest films, The Redemption of Sarah Cain and The Final Inquiry, are either confirmed as direct-to-video(after TV in the case of Sarah Cain) or in limbo(which is too bad for The Final Inquiry since it actually looks interesting, sort of a 1st Century The Case for Christ). Anyway, the article doesn't make judgments, so I'll feel free to. I predict that Fox Faith will, barring a huge, The Passion-level hit, simply fade away and be absorbed back into the more general Fox Family label. The most blatant attempt by business to cash in on Christians will be a failure and people will predict the death of Christian films. Meanwhile films like Facing the Giants(distributed by Sony) and End of the Spear(distributed independently) will continue to prove that a measure of quality will be rewarded more than a "Christian" label. My proof of this? As the article points out, and I have noticed, the Fox Faith website is woefully out of date and just awful in general. They obviously don't care. And maybe we'll get better DVD releases. (Christianity Today article) Save This Page Add to Technorati Favorites

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