Friday, October 12, 2007

Episode Eighteen - Beyond the Gates (aka 'Shooting Dogs')

This week we're reviewing Beyond the Gates(aka Shooting Dogs), the 2005 movie from director Michael Canton-Jones(Memphis Belle, Rob Roy, Doc Hollywood, Basic Instinct 2(WTF?) and starring John Hurt(The Elephant Man, I, Claudius, V for Vendetta) and Hugh Dancy(The Jane Austen Book Club). It tells the story of a veteran Catholic priest and an inexperienced young teacher who find themselves caught up in the Rwandan genocide of 1994. You might already know the basics of the story if you saw Hotel Rwanda, but you might not(as my co-host didn't). This film also takes some interesting turns exploring the role of religion and the presence(or lack thereof) of God.

Show Notes:

Learn more about Inspired by: The Bible Experience, the best selling audio Bible of all time, by visiting their website. Or purchase it from Amazon! Christianity Today review of Lake of Fire, new documentary on abortion by Tony Kaye(American History X). Christianity Today review of The Seeker: The Dark is Rising, the new film that is being hyped as "Christian Harry Potter." Learn more about Don's Golden Calf, The Orange Box, by visiting the official website. Watch the trailer for Jon's Golden Calf, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, at Apple's Quicktime website. Intro: "When I Learn to Sing" by Starflyer 59 from 'Leave Here a Stranger' Outro: "Story About a Man with a Bad Heart" by Emery from 'I'm Only a Man' BUT I've taken the song down since I'm paranoid about the watermark on my copy. How far does the eye of EMI reach? So, as a substitute, here's the end credits song from 'Portal' in the Orange Box, which was my Golden Calf this week. It's catchy, but contains some spoilers... so head's up geeks. Download the podcast directly here, or subscribe with your favorite podcatcher. Save This Page Add to Technorati Favorites


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