Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Firestorm of Fireproof

It may be the most highly anticipated movie in independant Christian cinema, since, well, ever.  I'm talking of course about Fireproof, the new film from the Kendrick Bros. of Facing the Giants fame.

In the hype that is running up to the movie's release, we have a slew of articles coming out about the film.  

First up, we have a interview/news story/review of the movie over at CBN.com.  Craig von Buseck writes about his impressions on the movie, about Kirk Cameron's background and some about the background of the film's production.  He doesn't have a full review, but he has lots of positive things to say about the production values and the acting.  

Our old friend Ted Baher co-writes an interview with the Kendrick Bros.  At WorldNet Daily Alex and Stephen talk about how they came to do Fireproof, and a little about their writing process.  I found it interesting that they speak about writing the ending of the movie first, but BEWARE OF SPOILERS, since they do explain the final scene in the film that they used as a starting point of the writing process.

Baptist Press has a whole series of articles about the film, the most interesting, IMO, are their review and a piece about the behind-the-scenes production.   The review is absolutely glowing, and you really should read it yourself.  One interesting note is that at this particular screening, over 2,000 pastors & wives were in attendance.  I'm guessing this was at some sort of conference or something, but that audience gave the film a standing ovation.  

The behind-the-scenes piece has a good overview of the film, with lots of information that you may already know, but this is a good one-stop resource if you are interested in the production.  There is also a fun little article profiling many of the actors and other crew members who mostly worked as volunteers.

Finally, Film Stew has a brief bit about the marketing of the movie, through word-of-mouth, like these words you're reading right now.

Also, if you click the banner below you'll go to the Fireproof site, which actually has a really good blog collecting other articles.

Heck, Fireproof is so big that Kevin Smith mentioned Kirk Cameron's profile in the L.A. Times on his podcast the other day.

As always, SuperCandid is your number 1 source for Fireproof information!  

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