Friday, August 1, 2008

Great News! (I guess...) More Left Behind movies on the way

It's the most popular Christian book series I can remember.  Its already spawned several successful movies, and one of the most unusual video games ever.  

Well, you might have wondered why there hasn't been a new Left Behind movie in a while.  You might also wonder why such popular books would be relegated to no-budget direct to video affairs.  So did co-author Tim Lahaye.  Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins refused to put their names on the movie, Alan Moore-style.  So much so that Lahaye sued Cloud Ten pictures over what he said was a breech of contract over the length, budget (and probably an unspoken dispute over quality).  The lawsuit has held up production on any further Left Behind movies.  

At long last, the lawsuit is settled, in a rather unusual way.  LaHaye has been granted the rights by a judge to remake the Left Behind movies with a new studio.  However, if he does not exercise these rights in a certain length of time, then the rights will revert to Cloud Ten and they will be able to continue their series.

I'd say that this is actually kind of a slap in the face to the authors, since it places restrictions on them and gives the advantage to the film company who was being sued in the first place.  Anyway, one way or another we're getting more Left Behind movies.  Maybe we should finally review the earlier movies so we can be ready.

(News Blaze)
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