Monday, August 25, 2008

Fatal Flaw Coming Soon!

I know it is silly and diengenious to simply label Christian films as "The Christian ______," but I really love to do it, particularly when a movie opens itself up for a really bizarre statement.  So, without further ado, I present "The Christian Torture Porn" film, Fatal Flaw.  I first heard about this film from a blog post by the husband of the lead actress.  

The official site bills the movie as being about a man who makes the "ultimate gamble," then faces the "ultimate interrogation," then he recieves the "ultimate gift."   Sorry, I made that last part up.  Based on the trailer it seems like he makes a bad bet, is tortured, and then his family goes to church and he tries to call, but his wife won't answer the phone.  Not sure what it all means, but apparently you can find out this fall.  The movie looks to have good production values, and the premise has me intrigued.

Actually, I have no idea if this film would be classified as "torture porn" or not, but it certainly seems unusual for a Christian film.  How many Chrisitan movies do we see that have jumper cables to the face?  I'm not sure what the "Ultimate Interrogiation" is, but I'm presuming that is is so named because of either A) Its signifigance(ie. he's being interrogated for his eternal soul), or B) Because they use every interrogation technique the filmmakers could afford to squeeze in.  Maybe both.  

Watch the trailer below, or visit the official site for a little more info, but no firm release information yet, although the original blog post mentions "fall."

(Original Blog Post)
(Official Site)

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