Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Heavenly High gets a second season

How could I not have heard about this before?  A Christian tv sitcom/drama about high school kids and their problems in this modern world, helped by a strange lady in a nurse uniform. 

Heavenly High, which I probably haven't heard of because it only airs on some local TV stations(not local to me) and has a website that is, shall we say, less than functional.   I'm not kidding, that website is straight out of bad 1990s web design, mixed with a bit of 2006-era Myspace.  Dreamweaver anyone?

 It was just picked up for a second season by Faith TV, which distributes the show for Christian satellite television. 

You can watch episodes online at, if you are very patient for the site to load.  I've been trying to watch one for the past few days, but I keep running out of time to finish it after it takes its sweet time to load. 

Trailer for Heavenly High:

(Waco Trib)

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Adrian said...

in your estimation, how much of christian media has the sole point of:
-be saved

if you think a lot have this point, then what about the larger context, that if you do either/both, life will be better, fun, fulfilling, etc?

Adrian said...

ps-i'm asking because i watched the trailer for heavenly high, and it got me to thinking...