Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Get waaaaaay behind the scenes of Fireproof

Here's an interesting piece of movie merchandise:  a CD-ROM full of the production files from Fireproof , Facing the Giants  and Flywheel .  Billed as a "production file," the CD includes schedules, legal waivers, interviews, photographs, call sheets, production log, prayer strategy.  It even has some tips on acting if you have to star in the movie yourself!
This is certainly a unique item, since this is the sort of information that most movie producers guard as state secrets.  Don't expect something like this to ever come out for The Dark Knight , but if you're looking at making your own movies, this will probably have lots of good information and put some reality into your dreams.  Its not all hard truths though; remember, as hard as it might seem, this CD is being put out by a group that made it!  They started with a totally self-financed indie, and now they have produced the #5 Grossing Christian Movie of all time!
(Sherwood Baptist Church)

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