Wednesday, January 28, 2009

After the Fire(proof)

Focus on the Family has a great article about the potential future for Sherwood Pictures and the Kendrick brothers.  Remember, Fireproof is now available on DVD , so the timing of the article is perfect.

Focus on the Family's blog (or .org I guess) has the story by Dale Buss.  It hints at answers to a couple of things we've been wondering.  Like, how much of the money from their movies does Sherwood Pictures really get back?  The article mentions that "Fireproof ’s proceeds could allow the church to finish construction of an 82-acre, $3.5 million sports park in Albany."  If a $32 1/2 million profitting movie can only "finish" a $3.5 million sports park, where does the rest go?  Future movie projects, I hope.  

Or how does Fireproof's success compare to other Christian movies?  That one's easy.  The article says its in the top 5, but fails to give details.  Never fear, SuperCandid is here!  According to Box Office Mojo , the top 5 grossing Christian movies are:  

1.  The Passion   $370 million
2.  The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe $291 million
3.  Prince Caspian $141 million
4.  The Nativity Story   $37 million
5.  Fireproof  $33 million

I guess even $141 million isn't enough for Disney to justify the cost of a 3rd Narnia movie, but I'm going to count out #2 & #3, since the recent Narnia movies are hardly Christian in content, only marketing.  Under my revised numbers, that moves Fireproof  to #3, followed by Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie and One Night with the King .  I am deeply saddened that Fireproof  couldn't pull in enough to out-pace The Nativity Story , but considering The Nativity Story  had a $32 million budget and Fireproof  had a $500,000 budget, I  guess they trump them anyway.  

Also, the Kendricks hint at a possible next project, set in "pre-Reformation Europe."  They say it might need a $20-30 million budget to film, but considering how far they stretched $500,000, I'm sure they'll get their money's worth.  

(original article)       (found via SWAC Girl)  

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