Wednesday, January 7, 2009

SuperCandid Books: "Beyond Bella: The Amazing Stories of Bella and the Lives it's Changed"

Bella, one of our favorite movies we reviewed this year, has a companion book that has  been out for a couple months but just came to my attention.  Behind Bella, is half-making of, half-inspiring stories.  It seems that author Tim Drake(who is not, it should be clear, the 3rd Robin), who's previous works have been mainly Catholic-related self-help and children's books, was not satisfied in just writing about the making of the film.  He also chronicled stories of people who's lives have been changed by the positive message of Bella, as well as the story of actor Eduardo Verastegui and his calling to use his acting and filmmaking for a higher calling than just success. 

Although a cynical mind might scoff at people changing their lives based on a movie, Bella is moving enough and good enough that it doesn't seem so silly. 

(The Christian Post)

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